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On the present site, André Boehm " GUIDED BY HUNTING PROFESSIONAL " Senior ACP (Former 1st Class) confirmed BIG-FIVE, will try to bring you the small missing spark to your decision to make the step and to make a commitment in one:


Contrary to preconceived ideas, a "Safari" is not necessarily a history of big money but before any a history(story) of passion and outcome in a life of Hunter. 

The present site is mainly going to speak to you about a first "Safari" on the African earth or a soft approach of this adventure that is a "Safari" in Africa will help you to join the big family whom we are. 

Guide of hunting and President of the Professional Hunters for the Big is, Switzerland and Germany, I am capable of guiding you on all the African continent or the Big Hunting is practised and this in the respect for the ethics of our passion and the strict respect for the International regulations governed by her(it)

" Agreement of Washington ". 

The key destination of the site is centred on him

For quite different déstination of big hunting to consult us 

Do not especially hesitate to consult us whatever is your wish of information or even advice in your search. 

In the same spirit, you can also subject us your desires of trophies and the destination can be chosen according to it also. 

We wish you a good navigation on our site and wish to consider you soon parmis our correspondents in our common passion " THE HUNTING ". 

Organizer for this whole site:

Professional BOEHM André Guide of hunting

Senior ACP (Former 1st Class) confirmed BIG-FIVE

Guide NAPHA and Measuring apparatus SCI

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