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 André Boehm



From the Valley of THANN in Alsace where my great-grandfather was a chimney sweeping company.
Became a mining engineer at the Atomic Energy Commission, I put the first time feet in Africa, specifically in NIGER for uranium mine.
My contract ended, this continent has so fascinated me that I decide to go back. PAS­sionne hunting, I decided to undertake the assumption of examination of hunting Guide. After six years of studies on genetics, zoology, the habits of the animals as well as medicine, taxidermy, mechanics, etc... Let me introduce the Guide of hunting professional review that happens to house hunting and Nature in Paris.

This successful examination, I am so affected as an aspirant guide with an experienced guide. Then come the annual promotions to pass 3rd class and 2nd class and 1st class, which allows a guide to hunt dangerous animals.

With this class 1st grade and in the field for twenty years.
I settle in Namibia on a great hunting ranch where I also get the equivalence of our qualification of class 1st guide to the Napha and Safari Club International.

The role of a hunting guide is essentially to accompany a client, amateur beautiful trophies, a territory, to make him shoot the coveted animal, in the best conditions of security. However, our role goes beyond because we also participate in the protection of wildlife, allowing the firing of some species. We also take a supervisory role vis-à-vis this fauna still subject to intense and sometimes dangerous poaching.

There is also the maintenance of the camp, which makes live several families of natives, the valorisation of game meat, the preparation of the trophies, the repair of vehicles etc...


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