# 9 Days / travel and SAFARI hunting #.
-Package Hunter base 4 hunters 2 guides €1960 incl. VAT
-Package Hunter base 2 hunters 1 guide €2110 incl. VAT
-Package Hunter base 1 Hunter 1 guide €2500 incl. VAT
-Package attendant €985 incl. VAT



-Reception and assistance at the airport;
-Licence for hunting permits, visas;
-The whole of the Organization of the "Safari" (trackers, guide, vehicle...)
-The first preparation of the trophies.
-Accommodation and full Board, laundry included territory in comfortable lodge (the ranch pool) non-alcoholic meals included;
-Liability insurance hunting.



-Air transportation.
-The phone (available locally);
-The shipping and packaging of trophies;
-Alcoholic beverages (aperitif, champagne, beer, liqueurs, wines etc...);
-Taxes of shooting following the tariff annexed;
-The hotel and restaurant outside the site of hunting;
-Rental of weapon (€150 per stay);
-Ammunition €95 the box of 20 bullets;
-The ride return 700 Kms in total from the airport to the hunting area (€150 per person);

-PS:Pourboires: (A RESETTING IMPERATIVELY to the GUIDE) 5% of the amount of the fees of shooting with a minimum of €150 if the total amount of taxes is less than € 2000.

For accompanying persons, tip dedicated to the STAFF (kitchen / housekeeping / laundry) is set at €40.




-Species - Density - Male / female - prices in €uro-
-Greater Kudu


Good Male 1,200.-.
-Oryx very good Male - 450
Very good


Female - 450
-Zebra Burchell's good Male 950.-
-Zebra Hartmann Rare Male - 950
-Impetus of Cap very good Male 1 250.-.
-Impetus of Cap very good female - 750
-Average 2 200 Male giraffe-
-Black wildebeest white-tailed good Male 995.-
-Black wildebeest white-tailed good female 495.-
-Blue Wildebeest very good Male - 570
-GNU blue very good female - 300
-Hartebeest very good Male - 450
-Hartebeest very good female - 295
-Rare Springbuck Male/female - 550
-Impala very good Male - 585
-Cob Waterbuck (watherbuck) good Male 1 900.-
-Warthog very good Male/female 350.-.
-Steinbock very good Male - 250
-Duiker average Male 350.-
-Damara ik - Dik average Male 1 200.-
-Klippspringer Rare Male 1,200.-.
-Klippschliefer good Male/female 45.-
-Jackal good Male/female 35.-
-Lynx (Caracal) Rare Male/female 265.-
-Cinocephale (Monkey) very good Male - 295
-Porcupine Rare Male/female 265.-
-Leopard Rare Male/female 4 000.-.
-Cheetah Rare Male/female 2 500.-.
-Chat sauvage African Rare Male/female 180.-
Small game at plûmes (Guinea fowl, Dove's Cape, gangas, francolin) on request
For whole animal taxidermy (Monkey, leopard, Cheetah, Zebra) first preparation €65
For animal taxidermy in cape €35 of the initial preparation
Packaging and transport on Windhoek set of trophies €35
-For the transport of your own weapon do not forget to bring with you the international passport of firearms
-For any injured animal (traces of blood) and not found, the shooting fee is due in its entirety.
Mr BOEHM André acts as a hunting guide. Its guide allowances are paid to him in Namibia by the owner of the hunting area. All sums of money paid to Mr Boehm are for the benefit of the final recipient who is the owner of hunting in Namibia area, namely:

Mr Georg Engelhard à Kalkfeld Namibie

Standard Bank Namibia ltd

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